Key Points
  • Ideal Duration: 1 day
  • Best Time: Jul-Sep
  • Nearest Airport: Mumbai

Igatpuri is a small town and Hill-Station Municipal Council at Nashik district of Maharashtra. It is richly blessed with the picturesque scenic beauty and is a popular attraction hub. People come here to learn Vipassana which is an ancient meditation technique, taught in Vipassana International Academy.
It has a great religious significance due to the presence of a number of temples each having its own uniqueness. Igatpuri offers an endless number of allure to make your trip fun-oriented whether it be weekend or long vacations.


Vipassana is one of the oldest ancient techniques of meditation derived by Gotama Buddha, who practiced it 25 centuries ago. After his discovery for the way out of sufferings of life- Vipassana, he dedicated his next 45 years to spread his teachings amongst the people. Vipassana is an important essence of his teachings. His teachings are generally termed by the word ‘Dhamma’ meaning ‘Dharma ‘ in Sanskrit.
S.N.Goenka a Burmese-Indian teacher of Vipassana was renowned as an influence in his teachings. The played a crucial role in developing number or academies of Vipassana in various parts of India. Vipassana International Academy is one such academy in Igatpuri where you can learn how to escape into an immaculate state of mind under the lavish green shade of the hill.


People here illustrate typical Nashik culture with a majority of them belonging to Hindu along with Jain and Muslim religion. The common language spoken here is Marathi.
Igatpuri has cultural and religious value as it has a number of temples where you can seek blessings.
Festivals celebrated by people in Igatpuri are primarily formed Maharashtrian festivals. These include Ganesh Chaturthi, Makar Sankranti, Dussehra, Diwali glorifying the entire town witnessing its dignity.


You would run out of time to explore more and more out of Igatpuri. Temples, forts, hills and much more. Out of which, Vipassana becomes the pristine place to visit that can make you fall in love with its truce.

  • Before entering into Igatpuri, you get to scrutinize the Bhasta River Valley that lies in the basin of majestic Bhasta river.
  • Arthur lake located a few km from Igatpuri is considered as a jewel amidst the greenery. You can mellow your feet visiting the lake.
  • Kalsubai peak, Amruteshwar temple, Datandevi Temple, Girisagar Waterfall, and much more things are provided by Igatpuri for its lovers.


  • Harihar Fort- It is an important fort in Nashik located 48 km away from Igatpuri.
  • Shri Trimbakeshwar Jyotirling- It is an ancient Hindu temple located in Nashik.
  • Kavnai Fort- It is a 2500 feet high Fort at Igatpuri providing you a medium level of trekking.
  • Tringalwadi Dam water sports- Try something different in Igatpuri with the water sports provided here.
  • Camel valley- It is a perfect scenic beauty to spend hours admiring its nature.
  • Bhatsa river Valley- It is the beautiful spot that gives you the admiring scenic beauty of Bhatsa River.
  • Ghatandevi temple- This small but famous temple is found when you cross the Camel Valley.
  • Mordhan Fort
  • Balwantgad Fort

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