World’s Largest Ice Cave ‘Eisriesenwelt’


Did you know that there’s a giant ice cave?

Eisriesenwelt is the natural ice and limestone cave located in Werfen, Austria. The ice cave extends for over 26 miles and attracts lots of tourists. More than 200,000 visitors come to see this amazing natural wonder every year.

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The cave has a length of about 26 miles but only first 0.62 miles is covered by ice. So, visitors are only allowed to explore first 0.62 miles of the Eisriesenwelt. This ice cave was created by thawing snow that drained into the Eisriesenwelt. The Cold wind from the cave keeps coming outside and prevents the ice inside the cave from melting in the summer season.


Eisriesenwelt was discovered in 1879 by Anton Posselt. That’s the official records say. Before Anton Posselt, local people knew about it but they never explored because they believed it is an entrance to hell. Anton went ahead and explored the first 656.2 feet of the cave. Later, Anton’s discovery was also published in a mountaineering magazine in 1880 but soon the world forgot it.

Alexander Mork was one of those few individuals who remembered the discovery of Anton and decided to explore the cave. He led severe; expeditions into the cave starting from 1912.

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In 1920, the first route to the caves and explorer’s cabin was built. Later, the government made another cabin and also constructed several paths to the mountain from Werfen. This made the cave easily accessible and people started arriving the cave. In 1955, a cable car was constructed that reduces the 90-minute climb to 3 minutes cable car journey.


Best time to visit Eisriesenwelt

Eisriesenwelt remains open for the public from the beginning of May to October 26 annually. This is an ice cave and the temperature inside the cave remains below the freezing point. So, you must be prepared and carry warm clothes.

Featured Image Source: Wikipedia