List of Tallest Statues in the World -2019


If you are a lover of history, then the first thing other than monuments, you look for in a place are idolic references. In common words, I mean to say, statues. Statues add significantly to the cultural and historical aspects of any destination. For example, The statue of Sphinx in Egypt, surely tells that the mythological creatures were worshipped that time; the statue of Christ, the Redemer at Rio de Janerio, is considered to be one of the seven wonders of the world.

Ancient forts and temples are adorned with statues. Some are small and some are skyrocketing, but each has its own uniqueness in terms of art and style of sculpting. Every one of these statues has great stories.

If you are interested in knowing about the biggest statues in the world, Here is a curated list of the tallest statues of the world in decending order of hieght.

Biggest Statues in the World

Here is the list of tallest statues in the world that you must visit in your lifetime. This list is arranged in decending order of height. That means the Statue of Unity is the tallest statues in the world.

1. The Statue of Unity

The tallest statue of the world now belongs to India. The Statue of Unity is a tribute to one of the greatest leaders of India, Sardar Patel. Because of his efforts, the newly independent nation was not divided into smaller independent countries. He kept the unity of India intact.


The Statue of Unity is the tallest statue in the world. This statue is 182 meters tall and was completed within a span of 34 months and was unveiled on  Patel’s birth anniversary in 2018. The statue is one of the dear projects of Prime Minister Modi. Beafore, Statue of Unity, Spring Temple statue of Buddha was the tallest statue in the world.

Best time to visit:

Gujrat is hot during the summers till October. The ideal time to visit will be from November to March, the weather will surely be pleasant.

How to reach:

This largest sculpture on earth is located in Kevadiya in Gujrat, India and you can reach by taking a train to Baroda and then a bus journey of 2 hours.


2. Spring Temple Buddha

In the second position comes the Spring Temple statue of Buddha. The statue is a clear depiction of Vairocana Buddha. The statue is located in the township of Zhacoun in Lushan County, in Henan, China. It was built between 1997 and 2008.

The height of the statue is 128 meters and has a 25 meters lotus throne. This statue derives its name from a nearby hot water spring named Tianrui hot spring which has restorative characteristics.

Best time to visit:

Henan is located in central China and has a dry-humid climate. The favorable time to visit will be during the months of December to March.

How to reach:

To reach the statue, your first priority is to book trains from any major city in China with the help of a local Mandarin speaking guide and reach the closest town of Lushan. From there bus services are available.

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3. Laykyun Sekkya Buddha

This statue of Buddha located in Myanmar is considered to be the third tallest statue in the world. The statue is located in  Khatakhan Taung village near Monywa.

The height of the statue is 116 meters and the base is if 129.2 meters. The statue was completed within a span of 12 years and was unveiled on 21st February 2008. The Buddhist pagodas and parks near the statues are mesmerizing and totally Instagram worthy.

The statue has 31 floors inside and each depicts the 31 realms of life cycles as written in Buddhist scriptures.  In front of the standing statue, there is also the reclining statue of Buddha.

Best time to visit:

Monywa has a humid climate till November, and there is rainfall till October. The period between December to March will be favorable for visiting.

How to reach:

The best way to reach Khatankhan Taung village is by taking a bus from Monywa which is easily accessible by train or road from Mandalay.

4. Ushiku Daibutsu

This Buddhist statue located in Ushiku, Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan is the fourth tallest statue in the world.

The height of this Buddhist statue is 120 meters tall with a 10-meter lotus throne and an additional 10-meter base. The statue is made in bronze and was completed in  1993. The statue is a clear depiction of Amitabha Buddha. There is an elevator inside the statue which takes visitors to an observation floor. The statue is a tribute to the birth of Shinran, the founder of the Jodo Shinshu or the “True Pure land school” of Buddhism.  

The statue resembles a four-story museum. The first level is a sooky dark lobby which plays music as one enters. The eerie lobby also has a bright light shaft as the centerpiece, beyond which the elevators take the visitors to the next floor.  The second level is called the “World of Thankfulness and Gratitude”. It more emphasized on Buddhist Scriptures. The third floor is called the “World of the Lotus Sanctuary” and has 3000 gold Buddhist statues. The final level is actually the windows looking out from the bosom of the statue towards the garden and the animal park.  

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit any place in Japan will be during the springtime of March and April. You shall the country blooming with cherry blossoms.

How to reach:

Ibaraki is well connected from Tokyo via trains. Once you reach Ibaraki, you can take a bus or a private jeep to Ushiku.

5.  Sendai Daikannon

This statue is considered to the tallest idol of Nyoirin Kannon deity. The statue of the Goddess is adorned with gems and located in Sendai, Japan.

The height of the statue is 100 meters and got completed in 1991. To the reach the zenith of the statue there is an elevator. The Bodhisattva Kannon is at the top which is rendition from the Shingon sect of Buddhism.

Best time to visit:

The spring months of February to April is the favorable time to visit Sendai.

How to reach:

To reach Sendai, take a flight to Tokyo and then reach Sendai via train. To visit the Kannon statue take a bus or a private car.

6.  The Guishan Guanyin

The Guishan Guanyin of the thousand eyes and hands is a sixth tallest statue in the world which has been gilded in bronze. In China, this Buddhist statue is considered to be the fourth tallest statue.

This tall idol is 99 meters tall and depicts the Avalokitesvara. The statue is located in Weishan village at Changsha in the Hunan Province of China. The statue was completed with the local government and religious institution’s monetary investment in 2009.

Best time to visit:

Hunan is located in southern China has a humid climate till October, the favorable time to visit Changsha will be during the winter months of December till February.

How to reach:

Changsha is connected by railways from Beijing and  Guangzhou city after which a bus or a car needs to be taken to reach Weishan village.

7. Great Buddha of Thailand

The Great Buddha of Thailand, which is also known as The Big Buddha, The Big Buddha of Thailand, Phra Buddha Maha Nawamin, and Mahaminh Sakayamunee Visejchaicharn is located in the Wat Muang temple in Ang Thong Province.

The construction of the statue started in 1990 and was completed in 2008. The statue is 92 m (300 ft) high and is 63 m (210 ft) wide.

Best Time to visit:

You can visit this Great Buddha of Thailand any time around the year. The peak tourist time to visit this place is from December to January. If you don’t wanna face the crowd, the best time to visit this place is November and February.

How to reach:

The Great Buddha Statue is situated in Ang Thong which is a small town near Suphan Buri. If you are visiting Bangkok, then you can easily visit this place.  In Bankok, you can catch a bus to Ang Thong from Mochit bus station and from Ang Thong bus stop take a bus to Wat Muang bus stop. After 10 Minutes, you will see the Great Buddha on your left-hand side. Stop the bus and get down. It will take 10 minutes to walk to reach the Great Buddha of Thailand.

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So, these are the 6 tallest statues in the world. The new monument of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel with height 597 feet (182 meters) is the tallest statue of the world which is located in Gujrat, India. If you are into monuments and history, must visit these largest sculptures on earth once.