40 Interesting Facts About India You Probably Don’t Know Yet

India is a very old country with many old sites, heritages, and civilizations. Over the years India as a country has had its rises and downfalls but overall it has emerged and grown as a great country. So it is no surprise when listing down some quirky facts about India there is so much more a person can learn. Here are a few interesting facts about India, it’s economy and its history.

Facts about India

Below are the interesting facts about India that you should know in order to know more about India.

1. India has more population than the entire Western Hemisphere which makes it the world’s largest democracy with 1.3 billion people.

2. It is host to the world’s largest festival, the Kumbh Mela wherein 100 million people come to participate.

3. With such a large population, India is also one of the largest countries with two-wheeler transportation including bicycles and motorcycles. Apart from that a large part of the population prefers traveling by cars which have resulted in high air pollution indexes. India has 21 of the 30 most polluted cities in the world including Delhi, Mumbai, and Lucknow.

4. The Taj Mahal’s pristine white marble exterior is slowly turning yellow due to extreme air pollution levels.

5. The Taj Mahal took about 22 years to build and the reason for that is it’s perfectly symmetrical from every angle that you look from.

6. Indians are the most actively reading people with spending more than 10 hours every week reading. Every day 23 million copies of the newspaper are bought in India.

7. It is illegal for foreigners to take the Indian currency out of India.

8. Approximately 30% of India is vegetarian and refrain from consuming meat or meat products which results in it holding the world’s lowest meat consumption per person rate.

9. India’s rich crops and harvests are well known around the world. The British invaded India in the 17th century in search of spices and today 70% of the world’s spices come from India.

10. India is also the biggest producer, consumer, and exporter of Mangoes. It produces nearly 15 million tons of Mangoes each year out of which around 60 thousand tons are exported to other countries.

11. Throughout the history of India, it has produced and provided with the most beautiful Diamonds. It was the only source of diamonds in the world until 1896.

12. India is one of the few countries to have braille like markings on the banknotes for the blind.

13. The Golden Temple of India feeds nearly 100,000 people every day irrespective of caste, religion, and class.

14. Indian housewives own 11% of the whole world’s gold. Even after the reserves of the US, Germany, and Switzerland were put together.

15. India and Bangladesh were in a dispute over land which was solved by Global warming. The island just disappeared. 

16. Asola-Fatehpur Beri is known as the strongest village in India. It trains men in wrestling and heavy weight lifting. It also produces most bouncers and bodyguards of New Delhi’s nightclubs.

17. Indians believe in love, harmony, and forgiveness. We have the most hospitable environment and citizens. And as people say charity begins at home, Indians can go through any problems together which is one of the reasons why it has the lowest divorce rates out of any country.

18. India produced the largest volunteer army with over 2.5 million people volunteering during World War II.

19. Around 2.5 million zero rupees banknotes are available in India to protest against government officials who demand bribes.

20. The Auroville town in India is an experimental township where citizens are from all around the world. There is no money or religion in this town.

facts about India

21. Bengal Tigers, The national animal of India are now endangered species. There were less than 2200 tigers in 2017 and the numbers are gradually decreasing. There are many sanctuaries and wildlife reserves to protect the remaining tigers.

22. India created a new Guinness World Record in 2016 for planting the most trees (50 million) in 24 hours. 

23. It is no surprise that Indians are now living in every possible corner of the world and thriving! Indians around the globe have opened up so many Indian dining places and restaurants that to this date, London has more Indian restaurants than in the metropolitan cities of India itself!

24. The largest Indian restaurant, the Aakash, is located in Britain which can seat 750 people at the same time.

25. The cultural, religious and ethnic diversity in India has given birth to multiple languages. There are a total of 1721 languages spoken in India today. 22 of these languages are the major languages while the rest evolved with various accents and modifications over the years in different regions.

26. India is the second-largest English speaking country in the entire world.

27. Only 2% of India’s population define themselves as Atheists.

28. In all of its history, India has never invaded any other country.

29. India is home to the world’s highest cricket ground in Chail, Himachal Pradesh at 2444 meters above sea level.

facts about India

30. The Bailey Bridge located in Ladakh valley between the Dras and Suru rivers is the highest bridge in the world built by the Indian army in August 1982.

31. India has the biggest film industry in the world creating over 1100 films each year. These include movies made other than Bollywood too.

32. Indians spend 2.6 Billion US Dollars every year at box office movies.

33. India also holds a Guinness world record for the largest gathering of people dressed as Mahatma Gandhi.

34. Water on the moon was first discovered by ISRO, India’s own space research organization.

35. It is the first country to successfully send a spacecraft to Mars in the first attempt. ISRO worked on this spacecraft and called it M.O.M. i.e. Mars Orbiter Mission.

36. Each year Switzerland celebrates Science day on 26th of May in honor of ex-president APJ Abdul Kalam who was also known as the Missile man of India. He studied physics and Astrophysics and helped in many of ISRO’s projects back in the day.

 37. The world’s oldest recognized University was established in Takshashila in 700 BC. It taught nearly 10,050 students from around the world 60 subjects. Back in the day, Takshashila used to be a part of India but after separation, it is now located in Pakistan.

38. The world owes India to one of the most popular board games, Chess. Apart from that, Snakes and Ladders was also invented in India and brought to Western Europe in the later 16th century.

39. The Bandra Worli sea link in Mumbai has steel wires equivalent to the Earth’s Circumference. This 16 billion INR project took nearly 10 years to finish.

40. India also invented the field game Kabaddi which is now played across the globe by many nations. India’s Kabaddi teams, both men and women, have won every single kabaddi world cup that has ever taken place.

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