12 Most Beautiful Castles in Prague to Visit


The historical capital of Bohemia, Prague, is the largest city of the Czech Republic and is the 13th largest city in the European Union. Its nicknamed ‘the Heart of Europe.” Architecture is quite a main characteristic feature of Prague.

If you are the kind of person who loves ancient buildings and castles, then Prague is the city for you. In this article, we will talk about the 12 best villas in Prague. Let’s have a look.

Best Castles in Prague

List of most beautiful Castles in Prague that you can visit if you are into history. These Castles in Prague are symbol of rich history of Prague.

1. Chvaly Chateau

Chvaly Chateau

Chvaly Chateau is a medieval fortification with safeguarded embrasures and later Renaissance and Baroque alterations, which is likewise the predominant aspect of the town of Chvaly, presently part of Horní Počernice. In the estate’s show spaces, you can see show-stoppers and purchase pieces in plain view in the business exhibition. The manor grounds are additionally a scene for shows and theater creations.


In 1652, the château was obtained by the Jesuits, and they remade the manor to a two-celebrated shape after the fire in 1734. They additionally settled nurseries, a lake, a plant, and a distillery. There are large basements and underground passages underneath the manor.

2. Chodov Fort

Chodov Fort

This revamped manor was initially a medieval fortress. It is the most significant landmark in Jižní Město, with a history going back to the thirteenth century. Today it fills in as a social community and empowers contact with contemporary artistic work. Old style shows are additionally held here, just as numerous different occasions and exercises for kids and grown-ups.

The fort is one of a kind with its pleasant focal round demeanor with an inner patio. On the main floor, there are a few representative rooms of trapeze shape with reestablished plaster roofs. The wooden scaffold helps to remember the old collapsible extension.

3. Ctěnice Chateau

Ctěnice Chateau

The historical backdrop of Ctěnice goes back to the mid-thirteenth century. It also presents the general remodel of the territory completed from 1997–2004. The mansion territory is a scene for impermanent shows and a progression of projects for youngsters and grown-ups.


A significant second in the development advancement of the region happened in the second half of the eighteenth century when the mansion was given an old-style elegant look that has been held by today.

4. Devin Castle

Devin Castle Castles in Prague
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Devin castle spreads on the slope over the junction of two significant streams of this locale: Danube and Morava, which structure a characteristic Slovak fringe with Austria and the Czech Republic. At present, Devin Castle stays as a museum. In 863 AD, Devin Castle was a noteworthy milestone. Numerous voyagers used to go from here.

Well known, Napoleon knew about its extraordinary significance and ordered for the devastation of the mansion as a strategy for his military strengthening. After the Velvet Revolution, the region was demilitarised.

5. Jenerálka Chateau

Jenerálka Chateau
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Jenerálka Chateau is a castle and the toponym for the whole settlement (around 40 structures by and large) and the close commonly landmark. Initially, there was a farmstead, a pub, and a smithy. The ensuing articulated Neo-Baroque remaking removed the first compositional character of the structures, and the private structures were given a progressively respectable appearance.

In 1922, The estate was changed over to prison but again changed over to a kids’ home in 1942 after the death of Heydrich. In the long end, the Baptist Church obtained the structures in an immediate buy and set up an International Baptist Theological Seminary in them.

6. Komořany Chateau

Komořany Chateau
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Komorany was recorded in 1088 as “Comoraz,” a town having a place with the Vyšehrad Chapter. Different records show that the land (or parts of it) was possessed by Wenceslas II (until 1304), Scholastic Dobeš (until 1332), the Zbraslav religious community (until 1436), George de Poděbrady until 1470) and Václav Šturm by Hyršfeldu.

Komorany is recorded primarily as a palace close to the town of Točná. Komorany turned independent on May 20, 1957. Komořany Chateau houses the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute.

7. Letohrádek Hvězda

Letohrádek Hvězda Castles in Prague
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Letohrádek Hvězda is a Renaissance castle surrounded by a game reserve of a similar name. The estate is molded as a six-pointed star, from which it and the game reserve secure their common name. In 1962 the estate was recorded as a national social landmark, which it remains today.

A presentation identifying with the Battle of White Mountain, which occurred close by, is currently on changeless showcase inside the openly available estate.

8. Liben Chateau

Liben Chateau

This enchanting Rococo chateau is arranged in the core of Libeň, on a very much prepared green at the edge of a large park. Once, a Gothic palace was found where the chateau currently stands. Eliška Hofmanová of Donín manufactured a little Renaissance house on the site. This is the place Emperor Rudolf II closed the Peace of Libeň with his sibling Matthias.

The Libeň Mansion House is a striking noteworthy Rococo style building. While its external design has not experienced generous changes since 1770, its unique insides have been preserved distinctly to a limited extent. The bubbly corridor on the first floor of the eastern wing has been one of the most well-known wedding lobbies in Prague since the 1960s.

9. Troja Palace

Troja Palace

Troja Palace is a Baroque castle situated in Troja, Prague’s north-west ward (Czech Republic). It was worked for the Counts of Sternberg from 1679 to 1691. The royal residence is claimed by the city of Prague and hosts the nineteenth-century Czech craftsmanship assortments of the City Gallery.

The royal residence’s structure has been affected by French and Italian design and is generally crafted by French designer Jean Baptiste Mathey.

10. Prague Castle

Prague Castle
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The biggest ancient castle on the planet, Prague Castle, flaunts many dazzling patios, royal residences, historical centers, and gardens where guests can meander around throughout the day. It is the official office of the President of the Czech Republic.

The palace was a seat of intensity for lords of Bohemia, Holy Roman heads, and leaders of Czechoslovakia. The Bohemian Crown Jewels are kept inside a concealed room inside it.

11. Vyšehrad Castle

Vyšehrad Castles in Prague
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Vyšehrad Castle is a noteworthy fortification situated in the city of Prague, Czech Republic, a little more than 3 km southeast of Prague Castle. It was fabricated presumably in the tenth century.

It contains the remaining parts of numerous famous individuals from Czech history, among them, are Antonín Dvořák, Bedřich Smetana, Karel Čapek, and Alphonse Mucha. It likewise contains Prague’s most established Rotunda of St. Martin from the eleventh century.

12. Zbraslav Castle

Zbraslav Castle
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This castle is situated at the conversion of the streams Vltava and Berounka. In 1292 Czech lord Wenceslas II established a Cistercian cloister here and named it Aula Regia (Kings’ lobby) since he wished it to turn into another entombment spot of Bohemian rulers. Individuals from the Premyslid imperial family were covered here during the fourteenth century; the last one was the best Wenceslas IV in 1419.

The previous proprietors of the Zbraslav house have been the Bartons of Dobenin family, who, despite everything, live here. A piece of the estate is utilized by the Czech National Gallery since 1939 and houses a perpetual show of Asian craftsmanship.

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Here are some of the best castles in Prague that we have mentioned in this article. Prague is home to a vast amount of beautiful villas. Thus, visiting Prague should be on the top of any castle lover’s bucket list.