12 Best Things to do in Phoenix

Phoenix is a city in Arizona state of The United States. It’s the capital of Arizona and is best known for its specialty in resorts and the famous Grand Canyon.

The name of the city is named after a mythological bird Phoenix. It is believed that the bird rose from its ashes. The city has been named so because Phoenix has also flourished from the ruins of a pre-historic civilization.

The city is also home to the US’s only known wild population of lovebirds. This place has many amazing things that you can enjoy during your travel to Phoenix. With enough being said, let us dive into the 12 best things to do in Phoenix.

Best Things to do in Phoenix

These are the Best Things to do in Phoenix during your visit.

1. The Breadfruit & Rum Bar

The Breadfruit & Rum Bar
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This is a seafood restaurant inspired by an island theme. The specialty of this restaurant is that it serves 150 types of award-winning rum. The restaurant also serves dinner and is a good option to end your day with its delicious Jamaican cuisine. The restaurant is quite popular and is liked by many people. You can also have your private events like birthday parties, dance party, etc. The restaurant staff is great and friendly.

2. Desert Botanical Garden

Desert Botanical Garden
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Garden in a desert? Yes, you heard that right. Not only the place is photogenic, but it also houses a vast amount of living creatures. You can also take many types of tours here like flashlight tours, group tours, etc. Plus, admission to the garden is free every second Tuesday of the month. You can take a complete walk in the garden in 2 hours. Over 50,000 plant species are planted here.

3. Tovrea Castle

Tovrea Castle Things to do in Phoenix
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Tovrea Castle is a historic landmark that was originally built with the intent of being a centerpiece for a resort. At present, it is part of the Phoenix parks. It is designated with the title of “One of the Phoenix Points of Pride.” Due to its resemblance to a large wedding cake, it is nicknamed as “The Wedding Cake.” You can visit the place only on reserved tours. The best things to do here are enjoying the beautiful architecture and stroll in the gardens of the castle.

4. Roosevelt Row

Roosevelt Row
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Roosevelt Row is one of Phoenix’s art district. The area is filled with indie shops, restaurants, and galleries. The main attraction of the place is a large number of art galleries that are based on various art forms and street art. Popular events like the First Fridays Art Walk happen here every month. Its located in downtown Phoneix.

5. Castle N’ Coasters

Castle N' Coasters
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Its an amusement park. Built keeping in mind of thrill-seekers, several attractive and thrilling rides are available. This is a must-visit place for thrill lovers. The most famous rides include Desert Storm, Beat Saber Arcade, XD Dark Ride and more. Beat Saber Arcade is a VR based digital arena in which players play against music and rhythm. You can also ride go-karts and enjoy Free Fall, yet another thrilling ride.

6. Japanese Friendship Garden

Japanese Friendship Garden
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Known by the official name of Ro Ho En, this is a beautiful 3.5-acre tea garden. The objective of the garden is to develop Japanese traditions among the people by inspiring visitors to learn about the Japanese culture and community. The park is visited by over 240,000 people annually. If you want to spend some time in peace, this is the place for you.

7. Musical Instrument Museum

Musical Instrument Museum
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The Musical Instrument Museum is one of its kind museum which houses over 6000 instruments from all parts of the world. The museum is an ideal place to visit with kids and friends. You will get to learn how the instruments are preserved. You can also check out the clothing and footwear of the musicians. The museum also hosts 200 concerts in its theatre annually. The parking in the museum is free of cost. On-site facilities include a cafe, theatre, and a gift shop.

8. Chase Field

Chase Field Things to do in Phoenix
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Whether you are a baseball fan or not, you must visit the Chase Field. The park’s unique facilities are highly liked by the audience. The environment is quite kid-friendly. Catching the Arizona Diamondbacks play is the real thing. If you don’t want to watch a match, you can take the ballpark tour. You can also check out the Chase Field’s beer garden after you are done.

9. Arizona Science Center

Arizona Science Center
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Famed of being one of the premier science centers in the nation, Arizona Science Center is a place for every science lover out there. The science center has one of a kind features in terms of architecture and other amenities. The center has interactive displays to teach kids about various aspects of science ranging from electricity to astronomy. The Dorrance Planetarium is worth a watch. It is one of the most technologically advanced planetarium in the US.

10. South Mountain Park

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This park is best suited for hiking. Hikers can get a 50-mile trail. Apart from hiking, you can have amazing views of the city from the mountain top. Hotels and other options for staying are also available in plenty, so you can also think of camping in nature for a day or so. Some spots of the mountain also allow alcohol and music. This makes it even more fun since you can party with your friends all night long.

11. Phoenix Zoo

Phoenix Zoo
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With a variety of rare animals, this zoo is quite tempting for both animal lovers and common people. The zoo has housed baboons, Sumatran tigers, Asian elephants, and Komodo Dragons. You can also have a narrated safari tour for a better understanding of the zoo. A 4-D theatre is also available which adds to extra fun. You can also bring your food.

12. Golf Courses

 Things to do in Phoenix Golf Courses
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Despite being a desert area, Phoenix manages to have lush green golf courses. It is also emerging as a premier golf destination. You can choose between hundreds of golf courses and enjoy the sport. The Biltmore Golf Club is the most famous club of all time.

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Phoenix is certainly an ideal destination to spend a long weekend. The place offers so much from mountains to deserts to advanced museums and premium golf courses. The best time to visit Phoenix is between November and April. The climate of the place is hot almost all around the year.