12 Best Bear Watching Locations Around The World

Bears are one of those most magnificent and beautiful creatures of the animal kingdom which survive on this planet. There are different species of bears in a different continent and with some different nature too. People live with this misconception that you need to travel the other side of the world to see these beautiful beasts but in reality, these animals have decreased in their population over the past few years and have become extinct from the records.

From grizzly bears to Polar Kings, bears are extremely huge and lovely to watch. Of course, they are not friendly animals yet watching them at a safe distance is also a wonderful experience to live. Here’s a list of top 12 bears watching places around the world.

Bear Watching

Check out these places that are well known for Bear Watching.

1. Svalbard Polar Bear Safari

Svalbard is typically an archipelago spot in the midway land between Norway and the North Pole which is home to thousands of iconic polar bears. An island named Kong Karls Land has the largest population of polar bears yet the area is closed for visitors dues to the unpredictable behavior of polar bears. Svalbard and Franz Joseph Land have a population of 3000 bears which are cute and adorable to look at. Since it is never safe and predictable on the behavior of polar bears around, the visitors can enjoy watching polar bears just by hanging out on polar bear safari rides.

2. Katmai National Park

Most of us already know this name, Katmai. One of the most renowned and famous locations for Bear watching in the world. The place Katmai National park is located in southern Alaska. It is home to more than 2000 brown bears who are carefully preserved and protected from the outer world. The bears here congregate near the Brooks Falls to feed on salmon and are strictly prohibited to eat anything from the humans. Despite them having no hard record of attacking humans, there are certain rules and restrictions to be followed at the Katmai National Park. You can take lots of photographs of these majestic beauties.

3. Churchill

Churchill is situated on the shores of Hudson Bay in Canada. It is primarily named the Polar Bear capital of the world. There are special buses known as Tundra buses which take you on tour to view bears in this region. People say that November is the best time to visit the Churchill as hundreds of Bears can be spotted near the peninsula coast of Hudson Bay. The complete scenery of hundreds of bears around the white coast looks stunning and mesmerizing.

4. Denali National Park

Denali Park is another spot in the interior of Alaska which holds a great population of healthy bears. The place also contains McKinley mountains which is the highest mountain in Noth America. Tourists and visitors can enjoy the mountain views along with some goodness of berries and berry soaps that thrive around in these landscapes.¬† Though the place isn’t that dangerous, the rangers still make sure to warn the visitors with required advice and instructions to be safe. So, Denali park is the best place for Bear Watching in Alaska.

5. Kronotsky Nature Reserve

Kronotsky Nature Reserve
Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Bear safari tours have become popular in Kronotsky reserve over the past few years due to its natural beauty and aura. The place is both, fire and ice because of the volcanoes and geysers residing in here. The place has more than 700 bears and all seem to be super gigantic and big.  This reserve accommodates some of the largest bears in the world which weigh up to 540 kg. The bears are stunning to look at. If you love to bear watching, do visit this place.

6. Mountains of Cantabria

Mountains of Cantabria
Image by Three-shots from Pixabay

Located in Spain, the Mountains of Cantabria is home to the  Cantabrian Brown Bears which are almost close to becoming extinct shortly. The expert wildlife guides take you to catch some beautiful glimpses of these creatures at a safe distance. The limestone landscape of the mountains behind is no less than a treat for the viewers to enjoy watching bears and other animals such as Iberian wolves, golden eagles, wild boar, and red squirrels.

7. Knight Inlet

Knight Inlet
Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay

In the southern section of the Great Bear Rainforest, lies the Knight Inlet. The place is approximately 125 miles north of Vancouver.  This place is no less than a treat for all the bear lovers as it has some of British Columbia’s most popular bear sighting spots. The bears in Knight Inlet are mostly all to solitary by themselves and they do not mind much about people unless you try to harm or tamper them. Stay safe and enjoy these majestic beasts.

8. Wolong National Nature Reserve

Wolong National Nature Reserve
Image by 358611 from Pixabay

Wolong National Park is not just a place where you can spot some classy cute bears but, it is also home to many other endangered species and another bear-like animal which for sure, you’ll love to watch out. It is situated in central China and is a highly reserved and protected space for animals.  The gigantic Pandas which are one of the endangered bear species and are approximately just 1500 left now, can be spotted here. Along with that, you can also spot, red pandas, golden monkeys, white-lipped deer, and other animals too. You need to check this place before visiting because it seems they have certain strict timings to watch the animals here. 

9. Wild Taiga forests

Wild Taiga forests
Image by Martina P from Pixabay

Finland has more than 2000 bears near the Taiga forests moving towards Russian borders. The locals here have made sure over the past years that these bears survive safe and grow in their natural environment without any fear. Locals here guide the visitors about different bears and their nature. You can watch these bears from a safe, warm and hidden spot with the help of the locals living there.  We are sure you’d love the views of seeing these bears playing and walking around freely in their homes.

10. Wrangel Island

Wrangel Island
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Wrangel Island is one of those amazing places where you can witness bears and some magnificent bears altogether. This Island is a mountainous island above the arctic circle where life for human habitants is almost not possible normally due to lack of food supply and other amenities. This Island has the world’s best and largest population of Pacific¬† Walrus and polar bears. This place is no normal to visit, it’s indeed one of from your major list to tick off. There are special travel tours who take people on special trips to such places for adventure and bear watching activities for a selected number of days.

11. Admiralty Island

Admiralty Island
Image by Brittany Cole from Pixabay

On the off coast of the Alaska Panhandle, Admiralty Island is home to the largest number of brown and black bears in North America. This space of Admiralty Islands is mostly occupied for the wildlife wilderness and hardly sees human inhabitant here. The area has proper rainforest vegetation enabling the brown bears to live in a homely atmosphere. You can also spot some other animals around here. 

12. Piatra Craiului Mountains

Piatra Craiului Mountains
Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Romania in Europe has the largest bear population left now, which can be found in the Piatra Craiului Mountains. With an average population of 4500 bears, there’s a national park there that accommodates these cute bears in them covering up the whole range. You’ll for sure love in watching bears here along with some bright landscapes of the mountains around. There has been some bad record here where the bears were brutally hunted due to which, this space now is absolutely under strict supervision and the bears can be is seen only from a distance.

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Make sure you stay safe and be at a careful distance while visiting any of these places. Also, never try to offer your snacks or throw some food in these bear locations. Bears can be dangerous and are very different from their rage and anger.