Best time to visit Dehradun


Dehradun like any other city experiences three major seasons which are the Summer, Winter and the Monsoon Season. Summers in Dehradun starts from April and lasts till June. This is the peak season for tourists and also an ideal time to visit this. This season marks the temperatures ranging from 26-degree Celsius to 35 degree Celsius. The climate is pleasant, the winds are soothing and the ambiance is lovely.

For peace lovers and spiritual people, this is just the right time to pay a visit here. The temperature gradually decreases during the nights, which provides a sigh of relief from the heat. This is the perfect and the most suitable time for adventure seekers as well as during this time, sports activities are hyped amongst people which is more fun these days rather than visiting the scenic spots here.

Then comes Monsoon and Autumn Season which starts from July to October and monsoons in Dehradun are just lovely, especially when it rains, it makes Dehradun much more stunning. The temperatures in this season range from 27 degrees to 35 degrees. However, being a hilly region, this is not exactly the ideal season for a visit as the city possesses the risk of landslides and possible floods.

The season turns ideal once again from late September, when the clouds are subsided and the nights turn pleasant, with a slight chill in the air. While many people prefer to visit the neighboring town, Mussoorie along with Dehradun, this may not be a good time to visit these two towns together as the road joining the two towns is very risky due to the fog and the rain that is omnipresent in this season.

Then comes the Winter Season in Dehradun which is from November to March and Winters in Dehradun is also a good time to visit this quaint city as the temperatures are haltingly cold dropping as low as 3 degrees. Days during this time are roughly cold or sometimes freezing but the nights are always cold and chilly. During this time the hill station looks extremely beautiful, covered all with snow with a little shroud of mist. However, if you're a snow enthusiast, and are daring to visit during this time phrase, then it is advisable that you set off with proper precautions, especially in terms of clothing.