How to reach Dehradun


By Air: In order to reach Dehradun by air, the nearest airport that you should look up to is the Dehradun Airport itself. The airport lies in the heart of the city and there are cheap conveyances available for sightseeing and to stay in the Hotels nearby. If you’re travelling from another country then the nearest airport for you is the Indira Gandhi International Airport from where you can either heir a cab or a bus. It will take you around six to seven hours to reach there and the distance is about 260 kilometres.

By Train: The nearest railway station to reach Dehradun is the Dehradun Railway Station which is in the main city itself. If you’re travelling from Delhi or Punjab which are the two major states then you should get off here. There are both buses as well as cabs that you can heir to stay in nearby hotels and resorts.

By Road: The easiest and the most hassle-free route to Dehradun is via the Saharanpur Road which takes about six hours of your time and the distance from Delhi is about 250 kilometres.