Best time to visit Agra


Like any other city, Agra experiences three major seasons and they are Summer Season which is April to July and Agra during this time gets exceptionally and extremely hot. Temperatures range anywhere from 45 degrees in the day time and during the night it falls to 30 degrees or less. This is not the best time if you’re trying to visit Agra as the heat will cover you up in a sweat and your holiday might turn not as good as you expected.

Then comes the Monsoon season which is from July to September and this is not a bad time to visit Agra as compared to Summers. The temperature is not as high as the summer and there is not as much rainfall to spoil your plans. Though its quite humid and is still hot during the monsoon, you can still visit the monuments there but you should carry water and sunglasses with you as you will sweat a lot and this also reduces the expenses while traveling.

The last is Winter Season which is from October to March. This is by far the best season to offer a visit to Agar when temperature ranges about 15 to 20 degrees in the daytime and during the night it falls to 10 or 12 degrees in the initial winters. Temperature falls below 10 degrees in December and January and it is very chilly during this time in Agra. The weather is nice and pleasant throughout the day, and you can easily visit all the tourist attractions without any heat issues or humidity. However, most of the tourists make a visit during these months, so it gets a little crowded and you'll need to book hotels in advance as well because it is the peak season of tourists in Agra.