12 Best Travel Pillows for Comfortable Sleep during Travel

If you travel a lot, you know the problems we wanderers face while moving from one place to another. Among the many problems comes one major problem which is a pain in the neck. Neck pain is a nightmare and hurts worse than a breakup.

Protecting neck against injuries is essential in a person’s life; but when the person is a traveler or is out exploring new areas, the value of neck increases. You can’t click the perfect picture without rotating your neck. You can’t look right or left properly which could eventually lead to accidents.

Sleeping during travel is uncomfortable when you travel on a plane or bus. You need a perfect pillow for you to support your neck during sleep. You need to keep in mind a few things while buying a travel pillow for yourself.

Things to keep in mind while buying a travel pillow:

  • Pillow types: There are three types of travel pillows; Inflatable travel pillows, Microbead travel pillows, and Memory foam travel pillows.
  • Neck Support
  • Fabric
  • Size and weight
  • Durability

Here are the best travel pillows that you can buy by keeping the above points in mind.

Best Travel Neck Pillows

Here is the list of best travel pillows. You can buy any of these neck pillows which is best suited to your requirement.

1. Faunna travel pillow

Faunna travel pillows

Made out of good quality memory foam and breathable washing material, this product can be used while traveling or by the people who are having some kind of neck pain. It comes with an adjustable rope lock by which you can adjust the angle and the size of the pillow according to your comfort. The pillow comes with a carrying bag which is useful for storing the pillow. The flexibility of the pillow allows you to attach it to your suitcase.

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2. SAIREIDER travel neck pillow

SAIREIDER travel neck pillow

This is a set of great quality neck pillow, eye mask, earplugs, and storage bag. This product is available in 3 various colors: black, blue and white. The material used is memory foam. Memory foam remembers the position of your neck and adjusts itself according to it. The pillow is purely ergonomic and the design is designed taking care of the headphone space.

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3. J-Pillow travel pillow

J-Pillow travel pillow

This pillow is used to support your head, chin, and neck. The additional support of the chin and neck is quite good. Its ideal for traveling and can be twisted in several positions without any fear. It’s perfect for flights, car rides or long bus journeys. It can be used in houses whilst watching television or reading. It comes with a carry bag and the handy snap loop fastener attaches to luggage. The product is washable.

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4. ComfoArray Travel pillow

ComfoArray Travel pillows

This is one of the best products that you can buy online. The main key features of this product are: skin-friendly material, universal size, reinforced front support. Apart from these features, the product comes with a high-quality eye mask, ear-buds, a large hook, and a waterproof organizer as free gifts. The product is machine washable and is breathable.

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5. Trtl pillow

Trtl pillow

This product comes in a variety of different sizes and color combinations. The product is made to give your head and neck the required comfort that it needs during traveling. The ergonomic design keeps your head in a set position. The super-soft fleece combined with unique internal support gives a cozy feeling. The product is stylish as it is evident from the color options. The product is completely washable and can be attached to your luggage easily.

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6. BCOZZY Travel Pillow

BCOZZY Travel Pillow

This pillow comes with a patented design. It’s a good option for protecting the neck and chin. It also comes with a wide variety of color options to choose from. The company claims that it is the only travel pillow that prevents your head from falling forward while traveling. It’s a washable product and comes with a builtin snap strap which makes it easier to attach it to luggage. It comes with a variety of sizes ranging from child size to XL size.

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7. Sunany Inflatable neck pillow

Sunany Inflatable neck travel pillows

This product, unlike other products, is made 100% from rayon material. The product is inflatable. Apart from traveling, it can be used in offices also. It protects your waist, head, neck, and shoulders. The pillow uses PVC flocking. The pillow weighs less so you can easily pack it in your suitcase.

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8. Sunany Inflatable neck pillow with velour cover

Sunany Inflatable neck pillow with velour cover

This product comes with a variety of accessories like soft velour cover, hat, portable drawstring, 3d eye mask, and earplugs. It’s a H shaped pillow that can be used in different body postures. It does not put too much pressure on your neck. The velvety touch makes the pillow more premium and ensures easy cleaning and better to use.

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9. Versillo Travel Pillow

Versillo Travel Pillow

This is more than just an ordinary travel pillow. It’s a perfect all-around solution for travel, work, and home. The pillow comes with a unique patented design in which you don’t have to wrap a pillow all-around your neck; you just have to wrap it at the back of your neck. It provides good support to your head and neck. It’s highly recommended by buyers from all around the world.

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10. TILDOSAC Adjustable Travel Pillow

TILDOSAC Adjustable Travel Pillow

This unique pillow comes with an adjustable design. Unlike other pillows, this can be rolled and kept in your suitcase. It’s available in 2 colors and contains 3 memory pillows that can be assembled and disassembled freely. You can also hang the pillow. You can also make several adjustments according to your comfort.

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11. JML 3 in 1 Neck Pillow

JML 3 in 1 Neck Pillow

This pillow is made out of 100% polyester. This is a 3 in 1 convertible pillow that can be used in multi situations. You can use this pillow as a travel accessory while taking a nap, or at your office. The pillow offers 360 degrees neck support and is made out of comfortable skin material. It can assume 3 different shapes.

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12. Theraplume Scarf Pillow

Theraplume Scarf Pillow

This is a 5 piece airplane pack. The neck pillow is in the shape of a scarf and comes with a variety of accessories like footrest, earplugs, sleep mask, and black drawstring bag.

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Here are some of the best and unique neck pillows that can be bought on the internet. Before buying your ideal pillow make sure that you know your size.