12 Best Nativity Set (Indoor & Outdoor) to Buy Online | 2019

Christmas is about to come. It’s one of the biggest festivals in the world. it is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. The colors red and green are the main theme of this festival. The color red signifies the blood of Christ when he was crucified and the color green signifies light and life. In the month of December, to celebrate the birth of Jesus, nativity scene and plays are of great value.

They symbolize purity and Jesus’ earthly mission as the ultimate sacrificial offering. A nativity set is a set that is a 3-dimensional representation of the nativity of Jesus. It includes the Holy Family, angels, the Magi, the ox, and the donkey and an assortment of shepherds and others. Here we present you the 12 best nativity sets.

Best Indoor Nativity Sets

1. GIL 9 pc nativity set

It’s a set of 9 individual resin figurines and a moss-covered stable. The manger is made of wood. The figures are artfully painted with golden highlights and an antique finish. The size is perfect for any tabletop and can be used as a centerpiece. It is beautifully crafted to last longer.

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2. Willow Tree 6 pcs nativity set

This set consists of 6 hand-painted resin figures. The tallest height is 9.5”. It includes Mother Mary, Joseph, shepherd, donkey and two sheep. It’s also an ideal gifting option. It is packed compactly and is ready to display settings. It can be set to be displayed on a shelf, table or mantel. It is easy to clean and can be cleaned with a soft brush or a cloth.

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3. Napco 12” Nativity set

This set consists of the Holy Family with Star of Bethlehem. The set is beautifully decorated and is made of high-quality resin stoneware material with high attention to detailing. It’s a perfect decoration piece and can be put on a shelf or mantel. It is carefully packed and is an ideal gifting option.

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4. Burton and Burton 12 piece Nativity set

As evident from the name, it is a set of 12 pieces beautifully crafted in rustic wood and metal crèche. The set includes the biblical figures of Mother Mary, Father Joseph, Angels, Shepherd, 3 wise men, sheep, donkey, and a camel. The resin stone ensures the durability of the figurines. It acts as a perfect display piece that suits any kind of shelf or mantle.

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5. Foci Cozi Christmas nativity set

This set contains Mother Mary, Father Joseph, sheep, shepherd, and the three wise men. A moss stable has been provided as support. It’s a good gift option. The set is an example of great design and good craftsmanship. It is made of resin and wood. the set is completely hand-painted. It’s a nice piece of décor for home, office and living room.

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6. 180 Degrees Porcelain Set

This is a set of 9 piece nativity set. It is made out of white porcelain. The design is inspired by Japanese origami. The figurines include the Holy Family, 3 wise men, angel, and star. The figurines have a matte finish on them and feel quite soft in touch. The height of the tallest figure is 4.5 inches.

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Best Outdoor Nativity Sets

1. BrylaneHome Crystal splendor Nativity set

This is a lighting nativity set. It requires assembly. The set includes Mother Mary, Baby Jesus Christ, and Father Joseph. The star is also at the top of the frame. The frame is in the shape of the barn. Stakes have been included for stability. It is made of good materials. It has great charm after being lit. The advantage of lighting is that it also looks great at night as compared to ordinary sets.

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2. Blow Mold 3 pc nativity set

This is yet one another colorful nativity set that has lightning. They are made up of durable polyresin that is resistant to weather changes enabling you to enjoy Christmas no matter what. The set includes Mother Mary, Father Joseph, and Baby Jesus. The bulbs for baby Jesus are included in the set, but for the other two, you have to buy them yourselves.

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3. Front Yard Originals outdoor white nativity set

It’s a simple yet elegant set that is suitable to be kept outdoors. It has a self-standing design so that it can be installed easily without much hassle. The good thing is that you don’t even need tools for the installation. Its made of pure white PVC plastic board. It is 50” tall. The product is made in the USA.

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4. Teak Isle Printed set

The set is made up of good exterior Signage Grade Paint which ensures the longevity of the product. The set is made of Marine Grade Plastic which ensures the set’s rigidity. The set includes the Holy Family and 2 sheep. The frame used is in the shape of a barn. The assembly of the product takes less than 5 minutes and can be again disassembled and packed into a compact package.

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5. Joiedomi Inflatable set

This nativity set is special as it is inflatable. Apart from being a perfect decoration for the outdoors, the set can be used indoors. It comes with pre-installed LED lights. The lights purpose to attract nearby people. The installation of the product is quite easy and it is child safe. It is perfect for your yard and pathway.

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6. Vencer Outdoor Front Yard Scene

This is quite a unique way of displaying the nativity scene. It’s a sign that is available in 2 varieties, the Joy sign or the Merry Xmas sign. the nativity scene is displayed between the letters of the sign. the sign looks good in your front yard.

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This is the list of best and durable nativity set that you can gift to your relatives and neighbors. The following were some of the best nativity sets that you can buy online.

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