Best time to visit Shoghi

Best time to visit Shoghi



The summer season in Shoghi is between March to June. Summer is set during the month of March and hence mild weather conditions persist in Shoghi. During these months, temperatures vary between 15 - 27 ° C and are the best time to enjoy the generous natural beauty.


Winters in Shoghi are extremely cold and chilly, especially the months of December, January, and February, when you will need very heavy woolen clothes to keep you away from the cold weather. Temperatures go down to 4 to 7 degrees Celsius, and the snowfall is common at spectacular sight.


July to August is the monsoon time in Shogi. During the monsoon, the temperature ranges from 15 ° C to 25 ° C. On the brighter side, monsoon means off-season here, so if you want fewer crowds or budget is a constraint, this is an ideal time to travel and get huge discounts and offers on accommodation.