How to reach Shoghi

How to reach Shoghi


Via Road

Road transport is quite easy. Many state government buses start from Shimla to reach Shoghi.  You can also opt for the option of road trip from Shimla to Shoghi which is also a good option.

Via Flight

If you are thinking to travel by air to Shoghi, make a booking up to Shimla Airport. The nearest airport is Shimla, which is 25 km away from Shoghi. Foreign tourists arrive at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi which is 340 km from the destination.

Via Rail

There is a railway station in Shoghi which is known as the Shoghi railway station. The nearest railway station link to Shoghi is Shimla railway station which is a meter gauge. Tourists can also come via Kalka which is 90 km away from Shoghi.