Key Points
  • Ideal Duration: 1 day
  • Best Time: Jul-Mar
  • Nearest Airport: Delhi

Rajasthan is also known as the “Land of Kings" has a history which dates back to 3000 to around 1500 BC which was the time of Harappan Civilization period. Neemrana in Rajasthan is one such ancient historical town situated in Alwar district. This area is also known as Ahirwal region of India and is the site of a 16th-century hill-fort which was occupied by Chauhans till 1947. Neemrana was originally ruled by Rajas of Nimrana who belonged to the Sankat clan and Kharak family of the Chauhan clan.

Kesroli in Neemrana is one such city to witness the oldest remains of Buddhist Vihara at Viratnagar where the Pandavas likely spent the last year of their exile. The Neemrana Fort is situated on a plateau on the Aravalli Hills covered all with loamy soil, a typical Rajasthani soil and with massive development in Neemrana, it is now being converted into an industrial hub and now it is being used as a base city to visit the other major cities and tourist attractions like the Sariska tiger sanctuary, Kankwadi fort, Neelkanth Temple, Pandupol and the monuments of Tijara.

The Siliserh Lake, Jaisamand Lake, Bhangarh-Ajabgarh and the hot springs in Rajgarh. Besides these the Foot Hills Of Arabali and Bawdi Deep Water Step Well are among the major tourist places you can visit. The place is a must visit for those who have a keen interest to know about the history of India, Rajasthan in particular and who like visiting forts and palaces to get a glimpse of the ancient Rajasthan and its culture and witness its hospitality.


  • Besides visiting forts and palaces spread all over Neemrana, you must experience zip lining and camel ride as well.
  • The typical Rajasthani cuisine is a must which includes Churma, Besan Chakki, and the famous Rajasthani Ghevar and Gujia. Jalebi and Ras-Malai will increase your love for Rajasthani cuisine more.
  • Then if you’re traveling in between the winter season you must visit the Rajasthan International Folk Festival and the Pushkar Festival which is a five day fair on the banks of the Pushkar Lake.
  • If you’re fond of Sufi Music and Spirituality then you must watch the World Sufi Spirit Festival in Jodhpur. Artists come from all over the globe and you can sit down to converse with some of the brilliant artists or even the royalty of Jodhpur. With delicious food and the ambiance, the experience is just incredible and you will cherish it all your life.
  • If somehow you visit Rajasthan during the summers then rather than visiting forts and palaces you must attend the Urs Festival in Ajmer which is a six-day long festival celebrated with great pomp and show. The festival commemorates the death anniversary of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, the revered Sufi saint.
  • Then, at last, is the Braj Holi celebrated in Bharatpur which is laden with innumerable colors, mouth-watering food, rich traditions and unrestrained fun which has the Lath Maar Holi famous all over north India. This is one of a lifetime experience that you should not miss.

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