Best time to visit Mcleodganj


The winter in McLeod Ganj starts from October and carries till February making the city pleasing and beautiful providing the note-worthy scenery. The temperature ranges from -1°C to 9°C that offers chilled weather all around the city. People who are adventurous from the heart can enjoy hiking, trekking, and other activities. However, the town is converted to a snow-clad hub till February, hence if you wish to have a snow-ball fight with your family or friends, you can have the fun in February. The season is a perfect time to explore new landscapes and go for a sight-seeing or take part in various festivals being celebrated here like the International Himalayan Festival, Lohri and Halda.

The temperature here is confined to a comfortable range of 28°C to 33°C, whereas the rest of the country faced immense heat. At times, the temperature reaches 38°C during the peak afternoon hours. Still, it is a better place to spend your summer vacations here where you can be able to explore new terrain and sight-seeing landscape. People often go for trekking and hiking to the famous Truind and Indrahar Pass to mellow their feet and find a variety of flora and fauna here. The festivals that are seen during the season are Budhha Pornima and Losar celebrated with great joy by the local people.

The monsoon is brought in McLeod Ganj by the month of July and is carried till the month of September. The showering here are measured of 350 cm, and temperature ranges from 18°C to 22°C. Though the temperature and weather provide a jaw-dropping scenic beauty, the number of rainfalls can make the trip inconvenient. Thus, during monsoon, most of the sports are restricted due to the wet terrain.