Best time to visit Manori

Best time to visit Manori

Winter (October to January)

During this season, the temperature ranges from 25? to 33? which is quite pleasant. The white sand beach becomes less humid and is easy to spend hours over the beach. This season is the best time to visit the beach and island and you can explore more of it with ease of convenience.

Summer (February to May)

During summer the temperature goes up to 34? which is why the weather on the beach becomes very hot and humid. Sunburns are most likely to happen. Moreover, during noon you can feel the extreme heat offered by the Sun and sand both. Hence it is not advisable to plan a trip for Manori during this season.

Monsoon (June to September)

The weather becomes extremely humid during the season and there is continuous showering over the beach. The beach becomes wet and sticky. Also the pathways to reach the beach becomes sticky and muddy and becomes uncomfortable to travel. Temperature ranges from 27? to 33? during Monsoon. Hence visiting Manori during monsoon is not preferable.