Best time to visit Lansdowne


Like any other state in this region, Lansdown experiences three major kinds of weather which are the Summer, Monsoon and the Winter Season. Summers in Lansdown begins from April to June and this is the busiest time of the year, with tourists pouring in from all parts of the country to seek some peace and solitude amongst the gorgeous snow-covered Himalayas and the stunning beauty of Uttarakhand. Summers also provides a great climate with clear skies and temperatures which is warm enough that people can make the best of their time by going trekking or hiking here.

Then comes the Monsoon season which starts from July to September and Lansdowne during monsoons is something that many people avoid visiting due to the continuous heavy rainfall and sometimes foggy views which leads to bad visibility which can turn out quite dangerous especially if you’re in a hill station. Rains often lead to landslides, due to which it is not advisable to visit the town during this time. However, if you are brave enough to take the risks then Lansdowne in Monsoons is one of the most beautiful things you will see. The entire town gets covered in dew during the early mornings and the scenery glitters with those lush green trees and forests which may make it worth the risk.

Then, at last, is the Winters which arrives in Lansdown from October and lasts till March and Winter in Lansdowne is just another heaven! With temperatures ranging from 4 to 15 degrees, the entire town is covered in pale white snow due to frequent snowfall. If you are looking to experience the monsoon views and its enthralling beauty, the early months of the winter season might also be a decent time to pay a visit here and is also less risky. Winters also brings in several festivals that are celebrated with utmost vigour and excitement.