Best time to visit Lamayuru

Best Time To Visit


Summers in Lamayuru are quite hot and provide the best time to visit. In this season some different types of flowers bloom and the evening blue clouds sometimes turn pink and look breathtaking.


In winter, during the daytime, the weather is considered warm if the temperature is not below zero, but at night the temperature drops to minus 20 degrees. The area of the monastery is still very large, although only a small portion of the Lamayuru monastery survives.


The best time to visit Lamayuru Monastery is during the festival of Yuru Kabgyat which takes place in July and August. The months of May to October are, in general, a very good time to visit Lamayuru Math as the weather is most favorable for travel. The weather is pleasant and the roads in Ladakh are open from both Srinagar and Manali.