Best time to visit Kasauli


Like any other city, Kasauli experiences three seasons which are the Summer, Monsoon, and Winter.

Summer: The Summer season in Kasauli begins in the month of April and lasts until June. The days remain pleasantly warm and the nights are a little bit cold here. The temperature varies between a minimum of 14 degrees to a maximum of 27 degrees, making it extremely favorable for exploring the tourist attractions in the town. The season is also perfect for trekking, nature walks and bird watching as the natural vegetation cherishes in the beautiful weather. Basant Panchami is also celebrated in March and is famous for the Kite Flying events held in the town which makes the stay more engaging and is another reason to visit this city.

Monsoon: Then comes the Monsoon season, beginning in the month of July and ends in the month of September. This is the best time for outdoor activities in Kasauli as it begins in July and lasts till September. Although the town receives an average annual rainfall of about 1500 mm, this creates a magical ambiance on the hilly terrain which is perfect for nature walks and treks. Also, one can witness the Sari Festival which is held annually in July.

Winter: The last is the Winter season beginning in the month of October and ending nearly in the month of March. Kasauli attracts tourists in large numbers during this time as it is the peak season. The temperatures range anywhere between 4 degrees and 19 degrees and therefore, the overall experience is chilly but enjoyable winters. During the peak season Kasauli sometimes also receives some snowfall. The famous festival of Lohri is also celebrated in January and locals gather together to celebrate this harvest season with a bonfire, sacred offerings and enjoy the colorful folk dance and music. An absolutely delightful experience!