Best time to visit Haridwar


Haridwar like any other city in North India experiences three major seasons which is the Summer Season which starts from March to June. During this time Haridwar is neither too hot nor too cold. The month of April, in particular, shows plenty of sunshine and during this time days start getting warmer due to the rise in temperature and this continues till June where temperatures reach a maximum of 40 degrees. Though it is still quite a good ambiance to roam around the city and temples the heat might ruin your holiday. So, this is not the best time to visit Haridwar.

Then comes the Monsoon which is from July to September and during this time the arrival of rain brings a complete change in the weather patterns. Now dark blue skies and thundering clouds replace the warm winds of Haridwar. Haridwar looks even more amazing after being washed by storms, and rain lovers will have a great time during monsoons. This is still not the best time by far to offer a visit here as the humidity rapidly gets high. Temperatures around this time range from 26 degrees to 35 degrees.

If you’re low on budget, you can consider visiting here as there are plenty of discounts and offers to go on which cut your expenses to a good amount.
The next is the Winter Season and this is the best and the peak time to visit Haridwar. The chilly days of winters in Haridwar begin in November and the entire month is ideally pleasant for spending enjoyable holidays or going on a pilgrimage in this city. December experiences sunny days which are awfully bright and hence this is the ideal month for the tourism industry here.

The temperature continues to drop down further but it lies within a comfortable range, as the month ends. January remains very cold, characterized by mildly blowing winds. Pilgrimage tours at dawn and sightseeing during sunset must not be missed if you are visiting Haridwar in January with minimal overcast. It is comfortably warm during the daytime but nights here are extremely cold.