Key Points
  • Ideal Duration: 2-4 days
  • Best Time: Oct-Mar
  • Nearest Airport: Bangalore


In 1500 AD Hampi was the capital of the Vijayanagar empire, which is located at the bank of river Tungabhadra. You will be surprised to know that; it was the second-largest city in the world! But as time passed away, by the next century the importance of this city was lowered. This, in turn, led to the leftover eye-catching ruins that attract the glares of the world till date. In 1986, this city was declared as UNESCO World Heritage site. This was done in order to preserve and restore its old heritage and prestige.

Attractions of Hampi

Stones & stones everywhere!

This might seem an unusual sight, but moving your eyes from a hustle-bustle rush of the city life, can actually make you fall in love with these stones. After all they will make you remember those olden days one can ever think of. Yes! the olden Stone-Age and the Flintstones Age. And here Hampi provides you beautiful sites of stone mountains and temples and much more. You can also go for stone hills climbing at Matanga hills by climbing a few steps and enjoy the view of this giant stony city. This city has a beautiful Stone Chariot which is a perfect symbol of Fine Architecture, Giant Monument and Deep History.

Your Prayer will definitely be answered by the numerous temples: You heard it right. Hampi is a whole collection of the number of temples that are unique in their own kind. Here are few listed below temples:

  • Virupaksha temple: Come and gain the blessings of the elephants here!
  • Badavalinga temple: This temple has a beautiful Shiv-ling on a water body!
  • Underground Shiva temple: It is known for its 100 years old excavated temple ruins.
  • Kadalekar Ganesh temple: Secure the blessings of the monolith Ganapati Statute.
  • Narsimha temple: Secure the blessings of the monolith Narsimha Statue.

As mentioned earlier you will get a great variety of temples in Hampi, keep exploring!

  • The elephant stables
    The elephant stables were made as an enclosure for elephants in those days. These are huge stables made of stones and have eleven domed chambers.
  • The royal enclosure
    This enclosure was known to be the seat of power of the entire empire. It was as large as 45 buildings and three entrances- two in the north and one in the west.
  • Zenana enclosure
    This enclosure has beautiful, unique and historic walled compound. It was the primary place for royal women i.e. Queen and her friends and companions.
    Water bodies
  • Tungabhadra river
    Since this city is located at the bank of this river, it will be unfair to visit this and mellow out in the pleasing ride it gives. You can go for the most serene boat ride- Coracle ride over this river. It is a big basket boat that seats up to 6 to 8 people on an average. You can row your day through the cozy river or relax under a cave!
  • Pampa Sarovar lake
    The lake is considered sacred by Hindus. It is hidden by green hills on its three sides and is filled with floating lotus all over the lake.
  • Sanapur lake
    Synonymous to the coracle boat, this lake is located near Sanapur Village. It is a gracious lake which is less crowded by the tourists. You can find many banana trees on your way towards this lake.
  • The Hampi island
    It is an ideal attraction for foreigners. You can grab some beautiful handicraft items or Hampi outfits in the huge market of Hampi island. You can also find quirky cafes and chill vibes here. Discover the drum circles, dread-lock making, music sessions and much more on this island!

Authentic south Indian thali

You can’t resist your cravings to have some special south Indian cuisines. So, visit the nearby South Indian Thali specialty Restaurant and enjoy the thali. It has a lot more to serve you. You will get two types of it – rice, vegetable, dals, payasam, papad, and roti. End your meal with a tasty coconut or mango lassi.

Places in Hampi

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