Best time to visit Dharamshala


The winter in Dharamshala makes the place a must-visit spot, as it has a jaw-dropping beauty spread everywhere. The temperature ranges from 4°C to 7°C making it extremely pleasant to enjoy the tranquility of Dharamshala. Snowfall is received by the place as the season proceeds. It serves as a perfect dream-fulfilling time for the visitors who cherish the soft snow and add memories with snow-ball fight. Trekking becomes the further exciting sport that people find much enthusiasm in practicing it.

Summers in Dharamshala are brought by April and are seemed to last till June. The temperature waves in the comfortable range of 25°C to 28°C. There are picturesque sights that add glory to Dharamshala. People explore different places comfortably and admire the pleasant weather. It is a perfect place for retreating Indian summer and also find the soulful peace, being away from the hustle bustle city life for a while. Trekking along with paragliding, river-crossing or river-rafting and other activities are carried out to its peak in the Himalayas. The place also brings about the best of nature in the form of blooming flowers, cool breeze, and colorful environment.

The showering in Dharamshala starts by July and make the town hydrated for the next three months. The place receives a heavy pour of rains for the whole season with a temperature of 18°C to 22°C. The hilly areas including popular trekking spots are prone to great risks of accidents. This makes most of the adventure-oriented activities restricted. Even traveling around the valleys and hills are risky due to unpredictable land-slides. The flights also face frequent delays or cancelations due to weather conditions. Even though the prices of hotels and resorts are at its low, visiting the place during the season is inadvisable.