Best time to visit Alibag


Winter (October to January)

The actual winter in Alibag is brought by the month of November is lasts till February. With the temperature of around 22 degree during mornings and evenings and 33? during noon makes Alibag a chill place to tour. Winter here is not harshly cold and you can explore this town with all your excitement comfortably. If you are planning to visit during this season, get ready to make yourself astonished by the fun and enthusiastic festival of music in Alibag – Nariyal Paani festival. Keep on checking its tickets for it's going on demand!

Summer (February to May)

The weather in Alibag during summer is significantly cooler compared to nearby cities. Mercury hardly crosses the temperature of 34 degree, which is quite satisfactory. Spending time at the cool, pleasant beaches is one of the favorite activities of people visiting Alibag during summer. During April and May, Alibag is expected to be more crowded by the tourists a number of people come here to mellow their feet for vacations.

Monsoon (June to September)

Another factor adding to ease of traveling to Alibag is its moderate rainfall. The showering is accompanied by the month of June and carried till September. The downpours add beauty to the land and make it a more spectacular sight to visit again. It is characterized by a cool and pleasant environment that can make you forget all the hustle bustle city life. The temperature during this season is approximately 20 degree to 30 degree. However, continuous pouring can lead to hurdles in sight-seeing. If you are a rain lover and are ready to get wet roaming around, then visit Alibag in monsoon is one of your choices.