List of 10 Best Songs About Chicago

Chicago is a city of dreams, love, and full of opportunities to build your life. There’s no corner in this city that doesn’t radiate positive vibes of life. Looking at the magic of this city, many artists have written and praised Chicago in their own way, after all, how can one not knot the magic of words when living in this city.

Right from the lively skyline to the artistic street corners, artists look up to the city to express their emotions, memories, and future vision about this city. There are many best songs recorded about Chicago that makes you feel nostalgic.

Songs About Chicago

Here’s a list of songs that speak about Chicago and have become famous with time:

1. “Sweet Home Chicago” by Robert Johnson

Chicago Songs: Sweet Home Chicago

One of the most well-known songs that talks about Chicago is “Sweet Home Chicago”.  The song was originally recorded by Robert Johnson in 1936 and later pre-released by blue standards. the song was so much loved by people that it turned out to be more of a Chicago anthem. 

2. “Chicago” by Fred Fisher (popularized by Frank Sinatra)

In the year 1922, Frank Sinatra wrote a song that praises,” that toddling town” which turned out to be one of the most hyped and fascinating songs in Chicago. The song probably talks about friends, family, and all the memories that come and stay when one thinks about the town. The song itself has some eccentric emotions attached to it.

 3. “Lake Shore Drive” by Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah

The famous Lake Shore Drive by Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah became one of the most drives popular songs in the late ’60s. The song did face some backlash back then but ultimately received equal love and support from the fans. Maybe the use of some critical words in it might have made it a little difficult to accept and like. 

4. “Homecoming” by Kanye West

“Homecoming” turned out to be one of the biggest hit and loved anthems in honor of Chicago and people who love the city. The song has lyrics that touch your heart and make you live with the energetic Chicago vibes.  The song is one of the most loved songs on youtube as well. the song someway talks about his love for the city and also, his love for the girl which he couldn’t express. The most notable verse: “If you don’t know by now, I’m talking ’bout Chi-town.”

  5. “Dear Chicago” by Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams sang this song Dear Chicago which has a classical vocal and some unique lyrics that makes one love and miss Chicago more. It plays homage to the “bars out here for miles”, which is like the best remedy for a devastating soul.

6. “Tonight, Tonight” by Smashing Pumpkins

Giving some major hits, tonight, tonight by Smashing Pumpkins is a classical hit that speaks about Chicago and its charisma. The song was written by Billy Corgan and won the award for such an amazing composition. The song has such amazing devoting lyrics that it seems as if every word speaks about the beauty of the city. 

7. “Lake Shore Driving” by Duran Duran

Chicago Songs: "Lake Shore Driving"

A perfect song for city light long drives with heart-waving lines. The song is loved by many across the states as Duran Duran shows his magic to absolutely next level in the song.

 8. “Angels” by Chance the Rapper


A tribute by Chance ft. Saba, a coloring book, has produced the song that speaks his love for the city. In the city where he was born, raised, and continues to do all his up-to-date social works, every vocal in the songs has a different emotion hidden in it. An ode to all the talents, you must listen to this at least once.

9. “Take Me Back to Chicago” by Chicago

A city isn’t only loved for its energy or lively vibes, but, a city is also loved for its calmness and peaceful vibes around. Take me back to Chicago is a calm-off romantic blend of vocals and tunes, that takes you through the peaceful valleys of Chicago and the dreamy land of this promising city. The warm sun, the cool breeze, and the beautiful sky, there’s nothing that the song misses to make you miss at all.

 10. “Chicago” by Sufjan Stevens


Chicago by Sufjan Stevens is one of the top and most trending songs that ever hit the list about Chicago. The song belongs to a semi-autobiographical album composed by various authors and artists. It’s super crazy how the talented artists have put up so perfectly put up the love for the street, people, and every corner of the city in one song.  If you still have a doubt, type the album Illinois and check it yourself.

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If you are visiting Chicago or living in Chicago, do keep this list of songs about Chicago. Chicago is a city of dreams, love, and full of opportunities to build your life. Add this list of best songs about Chicago to your playlist.