Top 10 Places For Night Life In Delhi

Night life in Delhi is a mixture of experiences depending on what you seek; a sequence of shots of drinks, dance parties, or simply hanging out with your friends. The range is very diverse; from exotic hotels and modest bars to street food and dhabas. Here are the best places for a night out in Delhi.

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Places For Night Life In Delhi

1. Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas Village is an affluent area in Delhi that famously attracts the youth due to its many places for a night out and entertainment. The HKV is famous for many partying attractions, shopping places, food, historic significance, exotic pubs, and even historic architecture. Most of the parties end at 1 AM but there are plenty of places to keep you awake while the moon is out. Imperfecto, Summer House Cafe, Mia Bella, Garage Inc. and more are popular in the HKV.

2. Kitty Su

Delhi has an array of various nightclubs and pubs with unique themes and specialties of their own. Located within ‘The Lalit’ in the Connaught, Kitty Su is famous for the EDM and exquisite pub. Of course, the premises of the 5-star Lalit elevate the experience too and prove it as one of the best nightclubs in Delhi. While the cost is high, it is worth it for an unforgettable and luxurious night out with the group. The place remains closed on Mondays so you can’t get rid of your blues then.

3. Soi 7 Pub & Brewery

Soi 7 Pub & Brewery is a great place for a perfect night out. The place is on the roof and the beers are freshly brewed at their brewery right at the spot. Here you can watch your favorite sports live on the screen and if it happens to be boxing, then you can watch it right in front of you because they have their own boxing ring here. Outdoor seating is ideal for large groups and a casual yet pleasing atmosphere makes it habitable for a night out. And Thursdays are reserved for the ladies to have an exclusive girls’ night out.

4. The Blue Bar, Taj Hotel

Another happening place at a luxurious hotel, the Blue Bar resides in the glorious Taj. The glamour of the Taj ensures mesmerizing decorations and ambiance making it ideal for a date night or a quaint night out with friends. Given its status, it is a bit expensive but it’s worth a visit once for the sake of it. The bar is open from 5 PM to 1 AM on weekdays, and from 5 PM to 2 AM from Friday – Sunday and is daily accompanied by live music.

5. Hard Rock Café, Saket District Centre

Live music is a great way for you to unwind with your friends at a classy dinner night and the world-famous Hard Rock Cafe in Delhi offers just that. With performances from rising bands and fresh talent, it is a cool cafe to listen to some new beats and jive with the rhythm. The music will entertain you even if you are on a solo night out. The memorabilia from some of the most famous bands in the world decorate the cafe and makes it an entirely different experience for which it is well known.
Location: DLF Cyber Hub and Saket

6. TC Bar and Restaurants, Adhchini Village

Another spot for great live performances but this time with hard rock music and lively karaoke nights, it is TC Bar and Restaurants. Some nights may get pretty wild but that’s part of the late-night fun at this bar, and it adds to it charm as well. Relatively cheaper compared to other places before this on the list, it also closes at 12:30 AM, earlier than most places here. Location: 81, Adchini

7. Mocha Arthouse, New Delhi

With great food and a wide variety in the cuisine, the Mocha Arthouse is a guaranteed enjoyable place for people who seek food and not parties late at night. Cricket fans get together and watch cricket on the massive screen at the place with a chilled beer in their hand and delicious food too. The cost is somewhere between expensive and reasonable, and the decor makes for a great Instagrammable backdrop.
Location: DLF Promenade Mall, Vasant Kunj

8. Comesum

Comesum is a chain of places spread across Delhi and every place is as welcoming as the next. People looking for a quaint family hour and taste delicious delicacies from across the globe. There is a Comesum near to every railway and Metro station in Delhi, offering reasonably priced dishes but it closes earlier than most places on this list at 11 PM.

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9. JNU Dhaba (a collection of dhaba and food courts)

Located in a throbbing university area, this Dhaba is booming with youth both day and night. On the spectrum, it is completely opposite to the luxurious pubs and bars in 5-star hotels, but the youth can have enhanced raw fun especially late at night. With no fixed closing time up till 2:30 AM, this area stays awake 24×7 with canteens, dhabas, and food-courts. JNU offers great street food and a variety of lip-smacking dishes to have a fun and inexpensive night out.

10. Patel Chest area for Bhelpuri, Bun-Butter-Chai and more

Patel Chest area for Bhelpuri, Bun-Butter-Chai and more

Another place for a cheap night-out with typical Delhi street food, as the name says, the Patel Chest area is famous city-wide for its tea (chai) and butter buns (Muska buns). It stays open until 5 AM in the morning, later than all the places on this list and making it idle for late-night undisturbed talks. You can even take a walk on the roads of the Delhi University campus or the serene nearby gardens.

A wide spectrum of choices, from lavish and expensive to raw and totally inexpensive, Delhi entertains all kinds of crowd and ensures a fun night out with the gang. From exotic pubs and world-famous bars with electrifying dance floors to simple and street food options, you can enjoy an array of night out experiences in Delhi.