15 Most Astounding Pictures of Earth from Space

We always have a curiosity about the view of earth from space. The images of earth from satellites always fascinate us. And yes, why not, our earth is the most beautiful planet in our galaxy.

If you are also one of them who loves to see images of earth from space then you are at very right place. We have curated best pictures of earth from space. We curated images from NASA, ISRO, Astronauts and other sources and make it easy for you to have a visual look of earth from space.

Fascinating Images of Earth from Space

These are the pictures of earth from space. The view of earth from space is the most fascinating thing that no one wanna miss to look.

1. “EPIC” Earth Image by NASA:

This image of earth was clicked from NASA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory satellite on July 6, 2015, from about one million miles away.

2. View of the Earth on December 1972

This view of Earth from space was taken by the Apollo 17 crew as they traveled toward the moon on their NASA lunar landing mission on 7 Dec 1972.

3. The Rising Earth Image

This image of earth was captured in October 2015 when NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) was 80 miles above the Moon’s surface traveling 3,580 miles per hour. The NASA named it ‘Earthrise’, as it looks like the earth is rising.

4. Beautiful night pass over Italy, Alps, and the Mediterranean


The ESA flight engineer Tim Peake captured this image of Earth while flying over the Mediterranean Sea on January 25, 2016.

5. Good Morning Earth Image

The NASA astronaut Scott Kelly took this image of the earth during his year-long mission on the International Space Station. This view of earth from space was captured on August 10, 2015. This image shows the Western United States. According to NASA, astronauts on the International Space Station experience 16 sunrises and sunsets every ‘day.’

6. Snow and Sand in Central Asia

This photo of the earth was captured in December 2018 by an astronaut on the International Space Station. You can see the snow on the eastern Tien Shan and Taklimakan Desert in Central Asia in this image.

7. Cloud Formation in the South Indian Ocean

This picture of the earth was taken by an astronaut from the International Space Station on March 2019. You can see the cloud formation over the South Indian Ocean in this image. When this view was captured, the station was flying 265 miles above this cloudy formation.

8. Mother Nature’s Beautiful Creation

This beautiful view of earth was captured by International Space Station Commander Alexander Gerst. In this image, you can see the west coast of southern Africa. From aboard the orbital laboratory he sees Earth in all its beauty and said: “Not many artists in this world are as creative as Mother Nature.”

9. Real Image of India during Diwali

There are many images of India from the sky during Diwali but almost all of them are fake. Here is the real satellite image of India which was taken during a Diwali festival. This image received by NASA’s Earth Observatory on November 12, 2012.

NASA said “The image is based on data collected by the VIIRS ‘day- night band’, which detects light in a range of wavelengths from green to near-infrared. The image has been brightened to make the city lights easier to distinguish,”.

10. The Frozen Wild Dnieper River

This fascinating picture of earth from the sky was taken by a European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet. He captured this image from the International Space Station on “Feb. 9th, 2017. He said that “winter landscapes are also magical from the International Space Station: this river north of Kiev reminds me of a Hokusai painting.” 

11. View of Aurora Australis from Space

You always herd about Northern lights or Aurora. They make the most fascinating scene above in the sky. But have you ever wonder how this aurora looks like from the space. Well, here is the view of Aurora Australis from the space which is captured on September 11, 2005.

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12. Eleuthera Island from Space

This is the image of Eleuthera Island, Bahamas captured from STS-66. This photograph includes the southern part of Eleuthera Island in the northern Bahamas.

13. Hammersley Range, Northern Western Australia

This image of Hammersley Range, northern Western Australia was taken by NASA.

14. The Greater Himalayas

This is the southwestern view of the Greater Himalayas bordering the Karakoram Range. The image was taken by NASA from STS-41G Shuttle Mission. In this image, India is in the upper left; Pakistan, at lower right; and China is in the lower-left foreground. The valley of the Indus River is in the right bottom corner. 

15. Sundarbans, Bangladesh

This beautiful image was formed by merging Landsat 7 satellite observations from November 24, 1999, and November 17 and 26, 2000.

You can see the Sundarban region of southwestern Bangladesh and southeastern India in this photograph. Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world. 

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So, these are the most beautiful and fascinating pictures of earth from space. We will frequently update this list if we found new images of earth from space.