India’s first and only Glass Skywalk is in Pelling

You may have seen videos of people walking on the glass skywalk. Several people keep it in their travel wishlist. But you don’t need to visit a foreign country to experience a glass skywalk. You can experience it in India.

If you are not sure what exactly a Glass Sky Walk is, it is a transparent passage made of glass located at a height to walk. IN simple words, it is basically a footbridge made of glass. If you look down while walking on it, you see right through the glass platform thousands of feet below.

India’s first (and only) glass skywalk has been made in Sikkim’s Pelling. It is located opposite the 137 ft tall statue of Chenrezig. So, the glass skywalk offers a wonderful view of the Chenrezig statue and the stairs that lead up to it.

This glass skywalk is located around 2.5 kilometers from Pelling. It is at a height of 7,200 feet above sea level and is surrounded by the snow-capped Himalayas.

  • Opening hours: 8 AM to 5 PM
  • Entry ticket price: Rs. 20 for local and Rs. 50 for non-local
  • Location: 2.5 km from Pelling

How to Reach Pelling Sky Walk

This place is well connected with road network. SO, you can hire a private cab, or can take a state transport bus to reach Pelling. Bagdogra Airport is the nearest to Pelling and New Jalpaiguri Railway Station situated 52 kms away from the town.

Best time to Visit Pelling Sky Walk

March, April and May are the best months to visit Pelling.

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