How to reach Saputara


You might consider visiting Saputara in these few seasons:

• March To June: This season marks summers in Saputara, though it's not prone to extreme weather changes and the climate is pleasant throughout the year during the summer months, Saputara experiences average temperature that usually remains at around 25 degrees, which is quite comfortable when compared to the extreme temperatures in rest of the state. During this season, Saputara does not have extreme temperatures and the maximum temperature does not go beyond 28 degrees here. One can plan a short trip during this time as well owing to its cool climate would be a perfect getaway.

• July To September: This is a typical monsoon season and during this time interval, this hill station is green and is extremely beautiful. The area is not prone to landslides and sudden downpours are not commonly experienced. The months of July and August receive heavy rainfall with slight humidity in the air. Then, monsoon creates magic in the hills of Saputara as the entire environment is lush-green in color. People who love rains must come for a visit during this season for great photographic shots and also escape the scorching summer heat.

• October To February: Winter season begins during this time and is the best time to experience Saputara as the climate is cool and ideal for excursions at any time of the day. The temperature drops down to 8 degrees but overall the weather is quite enjoyable and this period also marks the peak tourist season in Saputara.