Best time to visit Mathura


Mathura experiences three major seasons like any other city in the Northern region of India and these are

Summer Season: This season is from March to June and summers in Mathura is normally hot, with temperatures reaching up about 48 degrees Celsius, and the humidity is also equally harsh. During the night though the temperature cools down, and it ranges from 28 to 30 degrees Celsius. It is hard to enjoy sightseeing and thus not advised to visit around this time. If you tend to go anyways, you must carry light cotton wears, sunglasses and sunscreen. Though you can attend aartis at the temple, visiting during this time period you tend to miss a lot of things.

Monsoon Season: This season ranges from July to September and Mathura during the rainy season of monsoon definitely comes alive and remains fresh, with a good amount of rainfall. The rain brings along the cool breeze, making the surroundings even more pleasing and bringing relief from the scorching heat of summer. The important festival of Krishna Janmashtami occurs, around August or September. The city gets filled with devotees, who offer their devotional services to Lord Krishna and is also the peak time to visit Mathura.

Winter Season: Winters in Mathura are pleasant especially the days remain comfortable and very cozy, which makes it ideal for exploring the various temples in the city. The mercury can drop to the temperature below two to three degrees Celsius, but normally remains to about seven to eight degrees. Overall, it is by far the best time to visit Mathura because of the leisure trip it offers to the visitors.