Best time to visit Khajjiar

Best Time To Visit:

The time between March and October is the best time to visit Khajjiar. Khajjiar is also known as the Switzerland of India. It tells a lot about his aura and landscape. This place is very good for roaming around once a year but summer is the best time to explore this beautiful and scenic place. Khajjiar Hill Station, a beautiful, alluring and scenic place in North India, is a breathtaking place. There is a beautiful lake nearby, around which, listening to the songs of birds like cuckoo, sparrows, one realizes the existence of God, this lake is named as Khajjiar lake. And there is still a place called Panch Pandav Tree which is still connected with the old mythological stories. And there are many beautiful places like kalatop wildlife sanctuary, kailash village, Dainkund peak, panchpula, Subhash bauli etc.

Weather: 17 °C - Wind N at 3 km/h - 88% Humidity