Best time to visit Jaipur


Summer: Like any other city, Jaipur experiences three seasons which are the Summer, Monsoon and the Winter season. The summer season in Jaipur initiates in the month of April and lasts till June. Jaipur being a semi-desert city, the summers here are known to be extremely hot and sweltering. Temperatures vary from 34-degrees and they go as high as 40-degrees, making sightseeing an impossible task for tourists. However, summer also brings the Elephant Festival in Jaipur which is held in the month of March, a day before Holi. During this time the entire city gets filled with revelry and joy that's almost enough to make you forget the heat and is a great experience itself.

Monsoon: Then comes the Monsoon season which starts from July and lasts till September and during this time Monsoon (July - September) is the perfect time to visit Jaipur the temperatures during ranges between 27 degrees to 34 degrees, making it slightly cooler than summer. The monsoon rains of Jaipur fall little late in the day and this allows visitors to explore the city during the early part of the day. This is not an ideal part to visit Jaipur as the humidity increases to a great extent and gets intolerable with heat.

Winter: Then comes the Winter season which starts from October to March and is the best time to visit the city as this is the season which does not directly relate to the tremendous amount of heat waves and the climate is fairly cool. The temperatures during this month are comparatively pleasant than the rest of summer and monsoon and they range anywhere from 8 degrees during the nights to 32 degrees in the day. However, since Winters are a preferred time to visit Jaipur, the city gets extremely crowded with tourists flocking from different parts of the world. The kite flying festival in January is one such festival that Jaipur locals take immense pride in hosting. The Jaipur Literature festival also brings in a diverse range of artists to the city.