Best time to visit Hastinapur


Hastinapur experiences three major seasons like any other city in north India and these are the Summer Season which is from March to June and Hastinapur during this time experiences heat ranging from 30 degrees in March. The average maximum temperature during June is around 40 degrees. Overall, Hastinapur is fairly hot during summers and the heat is mild during the initial summer but with time it gets scorching high at the end of June.

Then comes Monsoon Season which is from July to September and the city receives average to heavy rainfall in this season. The temperature ranges anywhere between 25 degrees to 32 degrees. With the average temperature around 35 degrees, visiting during this time is not suggested as the humidity is pretty high and it might ruin your holiday and you might not be able to make the most out of your holiday.

Then comes Winter Season which is from November to February and it is by far the best time to visit Hastinapur. The temperature stays between 10 to 25 degrees and considering the average minimum and maximum temperatures, this is the most suitable time to pay a visit in this beautiful historic city.