Best time to visit Goa

Best time to visit the Goa is from November to February. Weather during this season is great because it is not very cold and not very hot. Water sports, like banana boat ride, jet ski, parasailing, etc are also open during these months.


Summers in Goa are extremely hot and temperature touches 40 Degrees C. The humidity levels also go sky high. If you cannot adjust in hot weather, you will feel uncomfortable.


Monsoons in Goa lasts from June to September. People usually avoid visiting Goa in Monsoon. During rain, you cannot enjoy the beaches of Goa. It is also advisable to avoid beaches and swim. But you can enjoy the city and be involved in activities like trekking, bird-watching and white water rafting.


Winter in Goa is the best time to visit and enjoy the place. You can enjoy beaches, water sports and night life here. The temperature typically range from 20 to 28 degrees Celsius.