Tungnath Temple

Highest Lord Shiva Temple in the world

Key Points
  • Open Time: All year round, except November to March, when the temple is shut off for general public.
  • Entry Fees: None
Tungnath Temple

Tungnath Temple

Tungnath Temple is the highest Lord Shiva Temple in the world. It is one of the five Panch Kedar temples located in the mountain range of Tunganath in Rudraprayag district, in Uttarakhand.

The Tunganath temple is located at an altitude of 3,460 m (11,352 ft) and just below the peak of Chandrashila.As per beliefs, the temple is over 5000 years old and is linked to Pandavas.

This place is cool throughout the year. Summers are very pleasant but Winters are very chilly and temperature drops below the freezing point. Due to heavy snowfall in winters, Tungnath temple remains closed for around 6 months. So, the temple priests moved to Makkumath.

The priest at this temple is a local Brahmin from Ukhimath village.

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