Best time to visit Chikmagalur

The place has no bad time to visit due to pleasant climate throughout the year, but best time of visit the Chikmagalur is from September to March.

Chikmagalur in Winter

Winter is the peak season when most of the tourists come to Chikmagalur. The temperature remains in between 14 to 32 degree Celsius that makes the best time to enjoy the place. You can have a local tour to various places, see coffee plantations enjoy the chilling weather.

Chikmagalur in Monssoon

Rain makes this place beautiful and greens. Rainwater fills up the ponds, natural streams and waterfalls. If you are coming to this place in rain, be sure to take extra care because roads often becomes slippery due to the rains.

Chikmagalur in Summer

In Summer, the average temperature of 32 to 35 degree Celsius. You can walk or trek the various trails to see the beautiful scenes.