How to reach Nubra Valley

How To Reach Nubra Valley

By Road

Tourists staying in Jammu who are planning a trip to the Nubra Valley can travel to Leh first as local buses to the destination are available from the city of Leh. Local jeeps are also a great option to reach the Nubra Valley. Tourists can also travel with their cars, but it is a risky option from the slopes along the roads. Travelers who schedule their journey from November to May will be allowed to reach the Nubra Valley on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning. In this case, tourists can return on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday respectively. On Monday, major roads to the destination are closed for repairs. It should be noted that passengers going towards Nubra Valley can do so by 10 am and use the road from doyahar returning from destination 1 am to 6 pm.

By Rail

Jammu Tawi Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Nubra Valley. This railway station is located at a distance of 620 km from the destination. Jammu Tawi Junction is connected to all major railway stations in the country. Upon reaching Jammu railway station, tourists can reach the Nubra Valley by taking local buses or cabs.

By Flight

Leh Airport is the nearest airport to the destination and is located about 125 kilometers from Nubra Valley. This airport is connected to all major airports in India. Tourists can reach the Nubra Valley from the airport by taking local buses or taking taxis.