How to reach Kashid


The nearest Airport available for Kashid is Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport at Mumbai. The Airport is well-connected with major cities of the country with frequent numbers of flights. It also provides many international destinations. In-short this Airport is an ideal spot if you wish to reach Kashid from other parts of the country. It is located at a distance of 125 km from Kashid. When you board by the Airport, you can travel to Kashid by several buses provided by the local government or travel by waterway coming to Alibag.

The roadways to Kashid are mainly connected by Mumbai and Alibag which are 125 km and 30 km away from the place. Mumbai being the major city is well-connected to several other cities of Maharashtra. From Mumbai, you can travel to Alibag by road or by waterway that is from Gate Way of India to Alibag (Mandva) through ferry. It is the quickest way to reach Alibag from Mumbai. However, during monsoon the ferry facilities are unavailable. Reaching Alibag you can easily reach the destination- Kashid by hiring a car or taxi or traveling by bus.

The nearest Railway station located at 90 km away from Kashid is Panvel Railway station. It is an important station of Harbor-Line of Mumbai Local Railways it is well-connected to several parts of Mumbai. As the city is allied to major cities of the state it is easy to reach the route. However, you will have to plan carefully mainly regarding the time and crowd in trains. You carry-out the further journey by buses provided at Panvel and reach Kashid with two and a half hours of distance.