How to reach Coorg

Coorg doesn't have a railway station or an Airport. The nearest railway station is Mysore located 10 KM from the place and nearest Airport is Mangalore at around 152 KM distance. You can reach to Mysore or Mangalore depending on your choice and then take a bus or taxi to Coorg

Reach Coorg by Road

The place is well-connected by road from main cities arid. You can take buses to Coorg from Mangalore, Bengaluru and Mysore.

Reach Coorg by Train

You cannot directly reach to Coorg by train. You can reach up to Mysore and then hire a taxi from Mysore to reach Coorg or take a bus to Coorg that can be taken from outside the railway station.

Reach Coorg by Flight

You can take flight up to Mangalore. Then hire a taxi or board a bus from Mangalore to reach Coorg.