How to reach Bharatpur


By Air: The nearest airport leading to Bharatpur is the Jaipur International Airport. This is for people who are traveling from another country but the locals can switch to Bharatpur Airport. The distance from Jaipur International Airport is about 190 kilometers and it might take you a good three to four-hour ride by a car depending on the weather and climate you’re traveling in.

By Train: If you’re planning to visit Bharatpur via train then you must get off at the Bharatpur Junction which is well connected from cities like Delhi and Mumbai. The distance from Bharatpur Junction would be around four kilometers to the main city. You can also look for Hotels or Resorts near the railway station if you are not willing to spend more.

By Road: Bharatpur is well connected to all the metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. If you’re visiting from Delhi then you should opt to go via the Yamuna Expressway which is least time consuming and is a four-lane expressway. It would take you about four hours or more depending on the weather and the season. Also, traffic is a major issue during winters so you must plan accordingly.