Here’s why you should avoid staying in Shimla and select these Wonderful Locations


Generally, we write articles in Triponzy about why you should travel or the best places to go but this article is counter-intuitive. By writing this article, I am not against selecting Shimla as your travel destination. You should explore Shimla and enjoy every bit of it but don’t choose Shimla’s hotels and homestay to live. Here is why.

Many people have queries about where to stay in Shimla or which location is best to stay in Shimla. Well, after explaining why you should avoid staying in Shimla, I will tell you the best places and Location to stay in Shimla. You will thank me later after your amazing trip to Shimla.

Why should you avoid staying in Shimla?


Shimla is a very popular destination in north India to visit during Summer as well as winter. The city is very beautiful, organized and has all the facilities because it is the capital of Himachal Pradesh. If you are planning a trip to Shimla and looking for hotels or other accommodation options within the main city, Please don’t.

We are not saying you to avoid Shimla but you should not stay in the city even if there are a lot of beautiful options available. We have many reasons to prove our point.


Here are the reasons why you should avoid staying in Shimla during your next Shimla.

1. Water scarcity

This beautiful city Shimla is facing acute water crises. One of the main reasons for this scarcity is tourists. Due to the increasing number of tourists each year, it needs more hotels and restaurants to meet the demand. So, this city is changing into concrete because construction is taking place all around and this has changed the city from a beautiful hill station to a crowded ordinary city.

As per the reports published in 2018, the requirement for the town is about 45 MLD water according to Shimla Municipal Corporation but the yield is less than 32 MLD even on normal days. So, the city is not able to meet its daily demands. Now think about peak holiday seasons when the number of tourists increases.

If you will stay outside Shimla, this will be beneficial for you as well as for the city. Other nearby places do not face this kind of water crisis. So, you would not face any water-related issue and you won’t become another burden to the city.


2. Concrete not nature:

There is less natural beauty left in Shimla due to the heavy construction work. People are building their homes bigger to make it a homestay, building hotels and other places for tourists. In the beginning, this was for helping tourism but now whole Shimla is becoming concrete.

If you are going to Shimla for enjoying natural beauty, my advice to you that don’t stay in Shimla and search a homestay at a nearby location such as Kufri, Fagu, Sanjauli, and Chail. This will save your money as well as you can enjoy nature more at these places.

3. Nothing more to visit in the city:

This is also the main reason for not staying in Shimla. There is a mall road and some nearby places to mall road that are must visit in Shimla. But all the other attractions are in nearby places such as Green Valley, Zero Point, Kali ka Tibba, etc.

4. Time-consuming to reach Nearby tourist location:

Due to traffic, it is time-consuming to visit nearby tourist laces from Shimla. You have to wake up early and pack up early in order to come back to your hotel in Daylight.

For example, if you stay in Kufri, then you can easily cover Chail and Shimla, plus you will have a lot of time to roam around.

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Now, the main question that will arise in your mind after reading this will be “then where should we stay?” So, I am listing a few cities near Shimla which are the best to stay during your visit to Shimla.

Where to stay during your trip Shimla

We made a list of places where you can stay nearby Shimla during your trip to Shimla. I hope you will enjoy staying here because these locations are peaceful and near to nature.

1. Sanjauli

Sanjauli best place to stay near shimla

Sanjauli is located in north-western ranges of the Himalayas and is the main suburb of the city of Shimla. It is 3-4 km from Shimla and good place to stay if you want to stay in Shimla.

You can book a hotel from Makemytrip or Book a full home from Airbnb. You will love your stay in both ways.

Book A Hotel in Sanjauli

2. Mashobra

best place to stay near shimla

The distance between Shimla to Mashobra is 10.4km which is very near to Shimla but there is a big difference in terms of natural beauty. You can plan your stay in Mashobra and visit many places from here. You can also do nothing but enjoy the nature here.

Book a hotel in Mashobra

3. Kufri

Kufri best place to stay near shimla

Kufri is a small hill station which is 14.4 km far from Shimla. Everyone who plans to visit Shimla, definitely go to visit this place. This place has lots of fun and adventurous activities. You can also do horse riding here and go to Zero Point.

4. Shoghi:

Shoghi is 14.7km from Shimla. If you are planning to visit Chail and Kufri along with Shimla then we recommend you to not to stay here. As it is the opposite side of Shimla from Kufri and Chail.

If you are only planning to visit Shimla then go for this place. It is a beautiful small town in the Himalayas with natural beauty.

5. Fagu

Fagu best place to stay near shimla

This is our favorite one. Far from the crowd and noise, this place is peaceful. Fagu is a beautiful place in the Himalayas near Shimla. This place is 18km from Shimla. It is on the way from Shimla to Chail. You can stay here and plan a day trip to Shimla and the Next day to Chail. This place is close to nature, less concrete building and no pollution.

This place has lots of Apple farms that will definitely win your heart.

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Some other good places to stay during your trip to Shimla:

Naldehra: 23km from Shimla

Kandaghat: 33.3km from Shimla

Chail is also one of the best places to stay near Shimla

We hope, you understand our point of why we want you to avoid Shimla, instead, choose other beautiful nearby places. We have also listed some beautiful nearby places where you can stay during your trip Shimla. So, enjoy your trip fully and meet nature on this trip.

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Happy Travelling 🙂