This is the most traveled house in the world


I am not sure if you really knew about it, but there’s a traveling house and it has traveled more than many of you people. People leave their house to travel, but there is a couple that travels around the globe with their house.

Their 130 sq ft house now holds the record of being the most traveled house in the world. The house belongs to Christian Parsons and Alexis Stephens who travel across the US with this house and stay in it during the travel.

They have traveled to 37 states and 16 national parks in the US. This house has covered a distance of 45,000 miles in the past two and a half years.


The couple spent nine months in building this traveling house in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Christian was the primary builder of this house. They spent nearly $15000 to build this nouse. Then an additional $5000 was spent on adding solar panels and flooring.

They also documented every step of their journey to also make some money out of their travel passion. The couple is filming their documentary series Living Tiny Legally.

This tiny house is beautifully designed and has much space. The shoe rack can house almost 20 pairs of shoes. The home is fully featured and they don’t need to compromise on anything except space. The place has a lounge area, 2 sleeping lofts, a dining/office table, a bathroom, and a kitchen. I have already told you about the shoe rack.

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Christian and Alexis are doing an inspirational job adding a positive impact in the world. You can follow their journey on their Instagram page Tiny_house_expedition/